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A Bittersweet Goodbye to John’s Gospel

Preparing to preach John 21 tomorrow morning has been bittersweet. It has been sweet because it is one of the most precious texts in all the Bible for exhausted and insufficient fishers of men, failed disciples, aspiring pastors, and all … Continue reading

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Church Reform and the Kings of Judah

My heart beats for the reformation of the local church. Along with other faithful brothers, I desire to see the churches of my home in West Tennessee radically conform their lives practices to the teachings of Scripture, to the pure Gospel of our Lord Jesus … Continue reading

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A Christless Sermon is the Merriment of Hell

“O! how are our souls dissatisfied when we listen to a sermon destitute of Christ. There are some preachers who can manage to deliver a sermon and leave out Christ’s name altogether. Surely the true believer will stand like Mary … Continue reading

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