Declaring Important Truths in Song

Here’s a thoughtful observation from theologian John Frame about the way that in Biblical times, the most important truths/statements were often expressed and declared through poetry or song. Considering this should cause us to treat the act of singing in worship with greater gravity and dignity:

“The music revealed in these [Biblical] examples is very different from the typical uses of music in contemporary society. In our time, we tend to see music mainly as entertainment, or perhaps as “art for art’s sake.” Matters of historical importance, however, like congressional bills and international treaties, are always written in prose. To put them into poetry or music would seem o trivialize them. It would, indeed, be ludicrous for a president of the United States to sing a new treaty agreement. But the use of song for this purpose would not have seemed odd in the ancient world. Then, the most important things were commonly expressed in poetry and music. So we see that God’s word is typically poetic when something of great, lasting importance is taking place: the establishment of institutions, covenant promises, blessings and curses, and prophecies . . .”

John Frame, Worship in Spirit and Truth (Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R, 1996), 112-113. [emphasis mine]


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