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Marveling at Our Trinitarian Salvation

Yesterday was Trinity Sunday. Sometimes I fear that, like Esau who sold his birthright for a mess of pottage, we can neglect the most beautiful of all Biblical doctrines given to us, that of the Trinity, and leave it to … Continue reading

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Gregory of Nazianzus on the Trinity

This Sunday is recognized by the Christian Church as Trinity Sunday. Here is one of my favorite quotes in thinking about the mystery of the Trinity, from one of the greatest theologians of the early church: “This I give you … Continue reading

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The Joyful Inner-Life of the Trinity

“Take all the happiest experiences of your life: when your girlfriend said ‘yes’ to your proposal of marriage; your wedding day; the birth of your first child; when your 5-year old make s a convincing profession of faith in Jesus … Continue reading

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The Holy Trinity in the Old Testament

The Holy Trinity in the Old Testament Is the doctrine of the Holy Spirit taught in the Old Testament? The following outline is essentially a summary of the first chapter of Robert Letham’s outstanding book, The Holy Trinity: In Scripture, … Continue reading

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Re-Routed: Jesus Pours out the Spirit at Pentecost

When most of us think about Pentecost, our minds are immediately drawn to the miraculous events associated with the giving of the Spirit: tongues of fire, a mighty rushing wind, and the of speaking many languages. But these miracles were … Continue reading

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Seeking Guidance? Pray through Psalm 25

Needing guidance as you are planning out your to-do list for the week, thinking about a decision to make at work, seeking to care for your family, or whatever else on this Monday morning? It would be hard to improve … Continue reading

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Biblical Manhood on the Ponderosa

My wife and I recently allowed our DirecTV account to play out, so we are relying exclusively on DVD’s when turning to small-screen entertainment. The other day, Candace saw a 34-episode DVD set of Bonanza in the $5 bin at … Continue reading

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