At any price, give me the Book of God!

Let John Wesley’s enthusiasm for encountering God in His Word infect you at the beginning of a new work-week:

“At any price give me the book of God! I have it! Here is knowledge enough for me. Let me be a ‘man of one Book.’ Here then I am, far from the busy ways of men. I sit down alone; only God is here. In his presence I open, I read his book; for this end, to the way to heaven . . . I meditate thereon with all the attention and earnestness of which my mind is capable.”

Cited in Evangelical Spirituality, James M. Gordon (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 1991), 36.


About Eric Smith

Sinner saved by the grace of Jesus, husband of Candace, father of Coleman and Crockett, West Tennessean, pastor of Sharon Baptist Church, student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
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