July Reading Report

God is a Warrior, Tremper Longman and Daniel Reid

I read this biblical-theological study of the theme of God as warrior for a class I’m taking this fall at Southern Seminary, Christianity and War. The authors demonstrate the unity of the Bible by tracing the theme of “God as a warrior” straight through the Scriptures. Clearly written, quickly read.

The Pastor, Eugene Peterson

Peterson is probably most famous for his contemporary English translation of the Bible, The Message, but I have enjoyed his writings on pastoral ministry for several years now.This book is his personal memoir about his development and experience as a pastor of one church outside Baltimore, MD, for over thirty years. He spends much time talking about the process of arriving at an understanding of what a pastor is and does, when the model of pastor as efficient CEO, always “getting things done” was constantly being pressed upon him from the outside. I do not always agree with him theologically, but he has a powerful way with words, and really has captured the heart of pastoral ministry in ways that many simply miss. This was my favorite book read in July. It was stuck in the wrong section in the library, caught my eye, and then ministered to me deeply. God’s kindness.

Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl, N.D. Wilson

I am a regular reader of this author’s father, Douglas Wilson, and had heard many glowing reports about the quality of his son’s writing, particularly in this book. The “Tilt-a-whirl” is a metaphor for the created world in which we live – wild, colorful, noisy, spinning and rotating simultaneously through space. This book is Wilson’s meditation on living on such a planet, designed and sustained by a creative and sovereign God. It is part apologetics, interacting with various philosophers on subjects like creation, the problem of evil, death, etc. Wilson’s writing is very colorful (as difficult to keep pace with all the word play as if you were riding on a Tilt-a-whirl sometimes), and there are some beautiful passages along the way. Good book.

Devoted to the Service of the Temple: Persecution, Piety and Ministry in the Writings of Hercules Collins, Ed. Michael Haykin and Steve Weaver

A  brief biographical sketch of the courageous 16th-century London Baptist pastor, along with short selections of his writings. Collins wrote many of these selections from a prison cell to his dear congregation, as he suffered for his Baptistic convictions. Not only is his life a model worthy of consideration and imitation, but his writings contain much clear, Biblical advice on Christian life and ministry.

And, of course, much time was spent with:

A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew, Jason Derouchie and Duane Garrett


About Eric Smith

Sinner saved by the grace of Jesus, husband of Candace, father of Coleman and Crockett, West Tennessean, pastor of Sharon Baptist Church, student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
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6 Responses to July Reading Report

  1. Scott says:

    Wow! That was quick this month!
    Always enjoy seeing what you are reading.

  2. Eric Smith says:

    Scott, you stirred me to love and good works last month! Thanks for reading, it is always fun to hear back from you.

  3. Scott says:

    Getting people stirred up is what I do best! I am not sure that this is always a positive thing though.

    God is a Warrior was a very interesting read. It has been a few years but from what I remember it was very thought provoking and enjoyable.

  4. Eric Smith says:

    Hey speaking of stirring folks up, I was stirred by your generous gift that your brother handed off to me! I must say I was a bit suspicious about the quality of the book when I saw that the author and the publishing company had the same name, but the suspicion was needless! Thank you for rescuing me from doctrinal error.

  5. Scott says:

    And I am sure that you can use that “gospel” tract now that you must in evangelism. 🙂

  6. Scott says:

    That should have read “now that you must believe in evangelism.”

    I am always eager to root out doctrinal error! It is amazing the kind of junk that I get. You should ask Ray about the phone message that I let him listen to.

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