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Goldsworthy, Proverbs, and the Biblical Story

Graeme Goldsworthy was the first author I read who really helped me see the unity of the Biblical story. He is especially helpful in explaining those parts of the Bible that don’t seem to fit in the flow of everything … Continue reading

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The Role of Wisdom in the Believer’s Life

In light of the earlier post on Goldsworthy and Proverbs, here is a good excerpt from his article in the New Dictionary of Biblical theology on the function of wisdom in the believer’s life: The quest for empirical wisdom is … Continue reading

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“He had a mind formed for friendship.”

Here is a wonderful tribute paid to Oliver Hart by his friend and ministerial protege, Richard Furman, in a funeral sermon titled Rewards of Grace Conferred on Christ’s Faithful People: “He possessed in large measure the moral and social virtues, and … Continue reading

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Order of Worship in an 18th Century Baptist Context

In my research on the spirituality of Oliver Hart and the “Charleston Baptist Tradition,” I have been very interested to get a handle on the corporate worship practices of 18th Century American Baptists. One source I have enjoyed exploring is a … Continue reading

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April Reading Report

I love books, and love to hear about what other people are reading. Here are the books I finished in April (some I began reading earlier, some I skimmed more than dug in deep). Have you read any good books … Continue reading

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All in a Day’s Work

An exhausting day of pastoral ministry, recorded in a Sunday entry in the journals of Baptist minister Hezekiah Smith: I preached at Cashaway from 1 Cor 5:7. I hope the sermon was much blessed. I excommunicated John Jamerson the same … Continue reading

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Studying the Book of Providence is Essential

Here is another valuable reflection from the aging Archibald Alexander (1772-1851) on ministry to aging saints. Here, he speaks of the value of studying “the book of divine providence,” looking back thoughtfully over the wise and gracious way God has … Continue reading

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