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Broadus on preaching: be yourself

John Broadus, “the Prince of Expositors” was a founding faculty member of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and regarded as one of the finest preachers of his day. His textbook, “On the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons” was wildly popular, … Continue reading

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May I never preach again a sermon without the cross

Baptist minister Andrew Fuller, in a letter home while on a preaching tour of Ireland: “The doctrine of the cross is more dear to me than when I went. I wish I may never preach another sermon but what shall … Continue reading

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The “patience of hope” in the Christian Life and Ministry

I was affected by this passage from Alvah Hovey’s Life and Times of Isaac Backus yesterday: The blessed revival of 1780, was followed in Titicut by a long period of relative declension; and not until the labors of Mr. Backus were almost … Continue reading

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“He had a mind formed for friendship.”

Here is a wonderful tribute paid to Oliver Hart by his friend and ministerial protege, Richard Furman, in a funeral sermon titled Rewards of Grace Conferred on Christ’s Faithful People: “He possessed in large measure the moral and social virtues, and … Continue reading

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Order of Worship in an 18th Century Baptist Context

In my research on the spirituality of Oliver Hart and the “Charleston Baptist Tradition,” I have been very interested to get a handle on the corporate worship practices of 18th Century American Baptists. One source I have enjoyed exploring is a … Continue reading

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What Did English Baptists think of American War for Independence?

Here is one subtle illustration: “When Robert Hall, the future great preacher, was a little boy, he heard the Rev. John Ryland, Baptist minister of Northampton, say to his father, ‘If I were Washington I would summon all the American … Continue reading

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Meet Oliver Hart

For the past several months, I have been researching the life and ministry of Oliver Hart (1723-1795), an influential American Baptist pastor in the second half of the eighteenth century. I am hoping to continue my inquiries and do some … Continue reading

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