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To spite the devil

“The article of the forgiveness of sins is the most important, and it is of all the most comforting. To Satan it is truly the most hateful. This is the reason Paul always has on his tongue: grace, grace, grace! … Continue reading

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“Solidly appropriating the justifying work of Christ in our lives”

Worth reading slowly and repeatedly. Are we living in light of the truth that we are justified before God solely on the basis of Christ’s work? It’s being convinced of this that will help us relax, and then make real … Continue reading

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A Strange Effect of Sin

“This evil is planted in all human hearts by nature: if God were willing to sell his grace, we would accept it more quickly and gladly than when he offers it for nothing.” – Martin Luther

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A Pair of Powerful Preaching Quotes

It’s easy for preachers and listeners alike to forget the massive, cosmic, significance of the preaching of the Gospel message. Let Martin Luther stir you to greater esteem of the proclamation of the Good News: “The Gospel simply means a … Continue reading

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Applying Christmas as Gospel to your Heart

It is remarkably easy for this Christian to forget that Christmas is not primarily about sweet and sentimental traditions, but about the very grace of God breaking through to sinners through Jesus Christ. One of the best ways I have … Continue reading

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Reasons to Hear God’s Word Today

“My friends, in order properly to celebrate and sanctify the holy day to the praise of God, we want to preach and proclaim his dear word. For he has instituted the Sabbath so that both we who preach and you … Continue reading

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The Descendant

“‘I will put enmity between . . . thy seed and her seed,’ God says. This amounts to saying: You, Satan, have attacked and deceived man through the woman that through sin you might pose as their head and their … Continue reading

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