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How to compare your sin to others’ sin

The sin nature is equal in all; and so I think actual sin would be likewise, but for the differences made by the restraining grace and providence of God. He is not, perhaps, in the sight of God, the greatest … Continue reading

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God Sovereign over our Ministry and its Fruit

Words to rest in, from the Puritan William Greenhill, in an exposition of the call of Ezekiel: “Sometimes God gives large encouragement, promises, hope, success, providing for our infirmities; at other times a bare commission and command must suffice to … Continue reading

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Augustine on the Indispensable Pastoral Epistles

I’m really on a roll now! From Augustine’s Teaching Christianity, Book IV: But anyone who says that people do not need to be given rules about what or how they should teach, if the Holy Spirit is making them teachers, … Continue reading

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The “patience of hope” in the Christian Life and Ministry

I was affected by this passage from Alvah Hovey’s Life and Times of Isaac Backus yesterday: The blessed revival of 1780, was followed in Titicut by a long period of relative declension; and not until the labors of Mr. Backus were almost … Continue reading

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Augustine on the Pastoral Office

“… an office than which there is nothing in this life, and especially in this age, more difficult, more laborious, more dangerous, or, on the other hand, more blessed before God, if a man conduct himself therein as a true … Continue reading

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Studying the Book of Providence is Essential

Here is another valuable reflection from the aging Archibald Alexander (1772-1851) on ministry to aging saints. Here, he speaks of the value of studying “the book of divine providence,” looking back thoughtfully over the wise and gracious way God has … Continue reading

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Older Saints, Learn to Live by Faith

Archibald Alexander, the great patriarch of Princeton Theological Seminary, wrote a wonderful book near the end of his life (which I am currently trying to finish) titled, “Thoughts on Religious Experience.” This work contains a number of rich insights from … Continue reading

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