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Sons of Liberty: For Freedom Christ has Set us Free!

For God’s children, the result of receiving grace is freedom, a life of joyful liberty springing from the assurance that God’s condemnation toward us has forever been put away by Christ. Paul tells us that our status has changed from … Continue reading

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True and Inestimable Freedom

What freedom? Not the freedom given us by the emperor, but that with which Christ has made us free – freedom from God’s everlasting wrath. And where is this done? In the conscience. Our freedom stays there and goes no … Continue reading

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Luther on Affectionate Pastoral Ministry

I have been studying Galatians 4:8-20 for this Sunday morning’s sermon, where Paul turns from his intense theological argumentation to affectionately pouring out his heart to the Galatians, pleading with them to return to the Gospel they received from him, … Continue reading

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Church Reform and the Kings of Judah

My heart beats for the reformation of the local church. Along with other faithful brothers, I desire to see the churches of my home in West Tennessee radically conform their lives practices to the teachings of Scripture, to the pure Gospel of our Lord Jesus … Continue reading

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Highlights from Reformation Sunday

To my knowledge, yesterday marked the first time in the 120 + year history of Curve Baptist Church that Reformation Sunday was celebrated, and the end of the long drought was met with great rejoicing. I preached in the morning … Continue reading

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