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Like a stone out of the mud

Grace: yet I am sure in my mind of one thing: that before I was brought low, I was like some great stone lying deep in mud, until “He who is power” came and “in his mercy” lifted me up. … Continue reading

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John Bunyan: Christ a Complete Savior

“. . . but to be saved and brought to glory, to be carried through this dangerous world, from my first moving after Christ till I set my foot within the gates of paradise, this is the work of my … Continue reading

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The Faithfulness of Christ as Savior

I am beginning to work through the passion narratives in John’s Gospel here at our church, and have been moved a number of times already at the deep resolve of Jesus to fulfill the mission given to him by the … Continue reading

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“Belief” in John’s Gospel

As he writes his Gospel, John is no neutral 1st century news correspondant. He is a Spirit-inspired¬†apostle with a divine commission and¬†agenda, which he makes clear in John 20:30-31 – These things were written down so that you might believe … Continue reading

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